Good governance/donations

30 farming groups were trained in group dynamics, leadership, and conflict management. Funded by ASWARUDEP, to continue in 2015. Organizational support to 15 agricultural and livestock common initiative groups and cooperatives towards legalization (UNDP Funding)Trained 60 councillors and 10 staff in Tinto and Mamfe Councils on roles and responsibilities within the council as stipulated by July 2004 decentralization law of Cameroon. Funded by councils, follow up understanding and application skills acquired to continue 2015.

Donated 400 books, technical tools, toys, wheel chairs, fairly used clothes, 10 fairly used computers and 192 reading glasses to schools, health structures and farmers in Manyu Division.  These items are mobilized through a free will donation scheme initiated by ASWA-RUDEP. Activity is in continujty as we envisage distribution of balls, glasses, toys and fairly used clothes. Partners include United Action for Children (UAC) Cameroon, Glasses USA, Tinto and Mamfe Councils.