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Consulting: ASWA-RUDEP offers consulting services to organisations/partners interested in our local expertise and project implementation experience. Examples of recent consulting projects include:

Village Development Planning (VDP)Village development planning (VDP) was carried out in Manyu Division in the South West Region.

Local Development Planning: ASWA-RUDEP has conducted local development planning which involved municipal councils in Tinto and Muyuka. ASWA-RUDEP assisted these councils to source funding to draw up strategic development plans for their municipalities. It subsequently partnered with a consulting firm, Strategies! to facilitate the planning in the two municipalities.

National Employment Fund (NEF) Projects ASWA-RUDEP assists the National Employment Fund (NEF) in micro-credit delivery. ASWA-RUDEP has organised and carried out training for over 100 yam farmers in Manyu Sub Division and 43 yam farmers in Buea sub-division. This number of farmers also benefited from a loan after the training from the loan scheme. Since 2002 ASWA-RUDEP has executed 5 projects under the PADER programme of the National Employment Fund.